As many of you know, several months ago we decided to change our name to avoid a costly trademark battle.  At the time, I was not too happy about changing our name, but I am extremely pleased with our new name and the process we followed to come up with it.  As the saying goes, we turned a lemon into lemonade.

We wanted our name to be something that was created from within.  Furthermore the process of developing the new name was a great team exercise.  While it wasn’t easy, I couldn’t be more impressed with the energy and creativity of the team.  We went through thousands of potential names and selected a powerful, timeless name that illustrates who we are as a company, how we blend with the natural environment and what we seek to do within the industry.

The name pays homage in part to the Indian River Lagoon, which is walking distance from our facility in Rockledge, Florida. The name represents a blend of the words Indian and River – taking the first three letters of River and the last three of Indian. When we thought about the parallels between a river and our company, it felt perfect. Rivers are powerful enough to reshape their landscapes and we intend to dramatically reshape the way vehicles are designed and manufactured.

-R.J. Scaringe

4 Responses to “Lemonade”

  1. Leo Fain says:

    Thanks for the new name. It fits nicely on the logo , too.

    When will the hats and company shirts and key chains be fore sale online ?

    ” Naturally Engineered ”

    Leo Fain

  2. Tony Owen says:

    Looking forward to much success in your new name. Not often will one read news about an automotive company from Rockledge much less Brevard.


    Tony Owen
    Building Management Systems

  3. Lubinski says:

    I agree 100%

  4. Ed Morse says:

    Great name, great concept, and I wish you much luck. It’s probably just as well you changed the name, as the old one means “sin” in Hebrew…

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