A clean sheet.

Our Vision

A new kind of movement.

For the last century, the automobile has dominated the way we move. No other mode of transport has offered the same level of flexibility in routes, departure times, or configurations.

But owning a vehicle is not problem free. It depreciates in value, it's massively underutilized, and—between cleaning, maintenance, insurance, and fueling—it takes a lot of effort to keep it on the road. Beyond all of this hassle, the automotive system has contributed to many of the planet's biggest challenges, including air quality, climate change, congestion, and energy dependence.

There is a better solution. This requires us to not only redesign the vehicle, but also the ecosystem around it. Backed by strong investors and driven by a team of passionate innovators, Rivian is creating solutions that redefine traditional automotive economics and remove the pain points of conventional ownership.

Over the next year, we will unveil more about our vision to connect you to the experiences you love through sustainable, accessible, and uplifting mobility.

RJ Scaringe / FOUNDER and CEO

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RJ Scaringe / FOUNDER and CEO